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Welcome to NEW YORK, NY

Please check-in at your chosen hotel, you can find the details of your reservation on your reservation confirmation materials.

Please note that, where applicable, you are responsible for hotel taxes, resort and parking fees that will be charged to you directly by the hotel. You can find the additional fees you can expect on your reservation confirmation materials.


Your tour time and specific location directions can be found on your tour confirmation email.

Resort Address:733 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017 Between 45th and 46th Street East side of the street; Presentation will be on the second floor.
Resort Phone Number:212-634-0336
Hours of Operation: 7 a.m.-2pm daily


- Please plan on arriving for your tour approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

- Photo ID -State Identification card Driver License or Passport are acceptable, cannot be expired and a major credit card are required when checking-in for your tour. Debit cards are not considered a major credit card. Please be sure that each individual has their ID. It is a requirement that both spouses or partners have a valid ID.

- You will need arrive to your tour with your spouse if married, or partner if cohabitating.

- If you have any questions about your reservation or will not be able to travel please call our Vacation Specialists at the number on your reservation confirmation email or at 800-648-0852.

- If you have questions for the local team in NY please call the office at 212-634-0336 or email Director of Marketing


From The Wyndham New Yorker Hotel

Walk east on 34th street to 3rd Avenue. Walk north on 3rd avenue on the east side of the avenue. You will find 733 3rd Avenue in between 45th and 46th street on the east side of the avenue. There are revolving doors in front. Allow 30 minutes if walking.

Uber, Lyft or Taxi will cost between $10-$20 depending on traffic. They may take a variety of ways depending on the traffic patterns. Allow 20 minutes if driving.

Take the E train from Penn Station. Be sure to take the E train Uptown or "Queens Bound" - Downtown is the wrong direction. You will take the E train to the 53rd St Lexington Ave Stop. Exit to Lexington Avenue and walk East on 53rd St to 3rd avenue. Walk South on 3rd avenue on the east side of the street. You will find 733 Third Avenue in between 46th st and 45th st on 3rd avenue. Allow 20 minutes if using the subway.